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37 Yachts and Powerboats going under the hammer at The Prestige Yacht Auction.

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The Prestige Yacht Auction is taking place on the 20th April at the Antibes Yacht show. It will be broadcast live to the Star Deck lounge of Monaco’s famous Stars and Bars to allow a second venue for people wanting a more secluded or family-friendly environment to bid via a phone operator.

With low reserve prices this is a great opportunity to pick up a bargain, be it a tender or super-yacht. You can get involved in this innovative approach to yacht sales and kick off this 2013 Summer season in style.

According to SuperYachts.com, one of the most exciting lots is the super yacht Margaret Ann, built by Pendennis in the South West of England.

Tim Morley, founder of the new yacht auction commented, “Margaret Ann is a star of the first Prestige Yacht Auction. We are very pleased that the owner has decided to bring her all the way from Palma to exhibit her in front of the VIP tent at the Antibes Yacht Show, where the auction is taking place. People will be able to view the yacht up to the last minute before the auction, and if their bid is successful they can toast their success on the aft deck as soon as the ink is dry on the contract.”

Visit the auction website to view some of the fantastic opportunities being offered for sale.


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Jet, Helicopter and Superyacht Charter. French Riviera Specialist.

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Heli Riviera is the French Riviera’s leader in managing helicopter operations for superyachts. We can manage all your jet, helicopter and yacht charters.

Now just one phone call or email to Heli Riviera is all it takes to manage every aspect of your holiday or business trip to the Cote d’Azur.

From Monaco to Saint Tropez and beyond, HeliRiviera has the skills and resources to manage your entire charter program.

Mediterranean Charter Helicopter Superyacht Specialist.

We can organise a private jet from any destination to arrive at Nice International or Cannes Mandelieu airport. There you can be met by a private helicopter to take you to a superyacht moored off Monaco or Antibes.

And your itinerary can take you all around the Mediterranean. Wherever you want to go – Greece, Italy, Spain – Heli Riviera Charters can manage your booking. We have a vast experience of helicopter, jet and superyacht operations.

To find out more, please:
email: charters@heliriviera.com
phone: +33 (0)4 93 90 53 00

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Complying with European CAMO Helicopter Regulations.

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Flying helicopters in the EU – whether they are registered in the EU or not – is covered by a number of regulations. Specialist helicopter operations company Heli Riviera can manage the whole process for you.

Since September 2009 all aircraft registered in the European community require a contract with an EASA Part M approved company to ensure the aircraft is kept within the appropriate controlled environment.

In addition, since 2012 there has been a requirement for all non-European registered helicopters (M, VP, N etc) to be checked by an approved CAMO T organisation when operating in Europe.

To keep on the right side of these regulations, you need to choose one of the three options mentioned below:

1. Find someone who can take care of all of your maintenance needs. For this you would require a maintenance centre that is Part 145 approved and has Sub Part G that will manage your airworthiness certification. This option means that the maintenance centre will arrange everything for you and leaves you with no control over the management of your maintenance.

2. You can contract with a Part M company (CAMO) to supervise the Sub Part G, allowing the owner to have a third party that will help him to find the best workshop. The workshop can be easily changed if the owner is not happy with the service received.

3. The owner can perform the maintenance themself and then arrange for an annual audit by an approved CAMO organisation.

Whichever option you opt for please keep in mind that the owner of the aircraft is above-all responsible for the airworthiness of their machine. You need to choose the best option that works for your operation.

The Heli Riviera CAMO Solution.

We can provide you with an EASA CAMO-approved organization based in Luxembourg that can support you with a worldwide service. Features include:

- Development and update of maintenance programs
- Development of Minimum Equipment Lists from MMELs
- Tech-Log (Flight Data) tracking and control
- AD and SB Tracking
- Creation of maintenance contracts
- Modification and repair management
- Set-in-motion and supervision of all necessary Work Orders
- Invoice verification
- Airworthiness reviews – inspection of documents and physical survey.

The minimum level of service consists of Flight Data tracking and control, AD and SB Tracking, and set-in-motion and supervision of all necessary Work Orders. The above mentioned services can be added to the minimum services.

Helicopter Maintenance Tracking on your iPad/iPhone.

Please contact us to find out more about following your maintenance on your iPad or iPhone. We have a new method of following your aircraft maintenance records. Called BLUE EYE, it has been developed to provide you with easy access to the live status of the aircraft while you are on the move via your iPhone or iPad.

Contact us on ops@heliriviera.com for a quote on more information.
+33 (0)4 93 90 53 00


Mediterranean Helicopter Permits from Superyacht Specialist HeliRiviera.

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If you are bringing a yacht with a helipad to the French Riviera this year, you need to organise your ‘Helisurface permit’ now if you would like to carry out heli ops to the yacht in French waters this Summer.

HeliRiviera, the superyacht helicopter specialist based at Cannes Mandelieu airport, can manage the whole process for you. The authorities will issue the permit in two to three months, so applications made rapidly will result in a permit ready for this Summer and the rest of 2013.

Our permit management and helicopter support services are not limited to the French Riviera. We are also experienced in organising permits in the French Caribbean, Asia and other parts of the world.

To find out more about the easiest way to organise your helicopter for use on the Cote d’Azur, please email:

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Helicopter Crash Rescue Kit.

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We all work hard to make sure that accidents don’t happen. But in the unlikely event of a helicopter accident, being prepared for the first few minutes after an incident can be a real life saver.

HeliRiviera – the specialist in providing helicopter operations supports – has created a ready-made crash kit that is recommended for all helicopters.

Based on our extensive experience of helicopter operations, we have sourced the best safety and rescue items from a variety of companies and packaged them for easy stowing in the baggage compartment of a helicopter. The full content list of the kit  is shown below.

The HeliRiviera Rescue Kit is available exclusively from us. To place an order or to find out more, please email ops@heliriviera.com.

HeliRiviera also organises safety courses for helicopter crew and passengers, plus specialist safety courses for superyachts with embarked helicopters. Please contact us for more information on our helicopter and superyacht training programs.


Contents of the Helicopter Rescue Kit.

- Fire resistant blanket
- Adjustable Wrench
- Large rescue axe
- Bolt cutters
- Hook
- Heavy duty hacksaw
- Side-cutting pliers
- Assorted screwdrivers
- Harness knife
- Life line
- Crow Bar
- Rescue Strop
- Roll bag

HUET Helicopter Underwater Escape Training.

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As a specialist in operations support for VIP and corporate helicopter operations, many of our assignments at Heli Riviera involve helicopters operating with superyachts or waterfront villas.

Properly maintained and in the hands of skilled pilots, helicopters are intrinsically safe. Especially the twin-engine models we recommend to our VIP clients.

In the interests of safety though, we recommend to our frequent flyer clients, and to their flight and helideck crew, that they take the HUET Helicopter Underwater Escape Training course.

This one day course is held in conjunction with Falck Nutec at their specialist training center in Teesside, UK. The OPITO approved course gives practical experience of what to expect when a helicopter is forced to make an emergency landing on water.

With experienced trainers on hand, students are shown how to safely leave the helicopter – even if it has capsized and has flooded – and then how they might be winched to safety by a rescue team.

Full contents of the course are shown in the bullet points below.

On completion of the course, students will receive an OPITO approved certificate and are entered onto OPITO’s central register.

Yacht captains and owners’ management teams who are interested in sending people on this potentially lifesaving course should get in touch with Heli Riviera, please email


HUET course syllabus:
- Pre boarding.
- Safe boarding.
- In flight safety.
- Safe disembarkation.
- In flight emergency actions.
- Use of emergency breathing system equipment.
- Practical emergency escape breathing system training.
- Practical emergency ditching and escape training
- In water survival techniques.


Helicopter Hangarage Services at Cannes Airport

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HeliRiviera offers flexible hangarage services at Cannes Mandelieu Airport.

It’s ideal for helicopters and small executive jets which are on French Riviera duty in the area between Monaco and St Tropez.

The popular service at Cannes Airport’s Hangar 9 includes:

- daily, weekly, monthly or annual options.
- security, with car parking 1 minute away.
- pilot rest room, internet and office facilities.

HeliRiviera also provide other flight services in the Riviera, including organising French and international flight permits, helicopter and jet maintenance, and aircraft re-fuelling.

As a leader in superyacht support services, HeliRiviera is the first choice for yachts touring the Mediterranean and Cote d’Azur with an embarked helicopter.

Find out more about our helicopter hangarage services at Cannes airport.

Webpage: http://www.heliriviera.com/cannes-facilities/#2
Telephone: +33 (0)4 93 90 53 00
Email: ops@heliriviera.com

MIDEM Cannes. Last minute Jet and Helicopter Charter.

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HeliRiviera is based at Cannes Airport.

We can organise Jet, Helicopter and Superyacht packages for people visiting the MIDEM exhibition in Cannes.

If you are flying in to Cannes Mandelieu or Nice International Airport, HeliRiviera can organize :

- Private executive Jet travel around Europe.
- Helicopter operations around the French Riviera.
- Mediterranean Superyacht charters.
- Limo services in the Cannes, Monaco, Nice, St Tropez area.

Telephone. +33 (0)4 93 90 53 00
Email. charters@heliriviera.com

Onboard Helicopter Training at Lurssen.

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Heli Riviera is providing helicopter and helideck safety training aboard an 85 metre new build superyacht at the Lurssen shipyard in Rendsburg, Germany.

Heli Riviera trainers will provide two levels of onboard training. There is a ‘general awareness’ safety course which applies to all crew on the yacht, plus an in-depth helideck management course for flight deck crew.

Heli Riviera has been providing yacht-based helicopter and helipad training for many years. As part of our service we also provide an initial audit – to assess the flight-related facilities and outfitting of the individual superyacht – plus a Helicopter Operations Manual which is eventually customised for the yacht and aircraft in question.

For European customers, shore-based safety training can also be provided in conjunction with Heli Riviera’s partner: the International Fire Training Centre in Northumberland. All courses are based upon an OPITO training syllabus standard.

Any yacht with helideck facilities that intends to operate with a charter helicopter or its own embarked helicopter can enhance their safety infrastructure and procedures with specialised training from Heli Riviera.

If you would like to know more about our specialist heli yacht training services, please get in touch with Heli Riviera (training@heliriviera.com).