• Helicopter & Jet Charter Service

    Helicopter & Jet Charter Service

    Telephone us for a quote on:
    +33(0)6 79 80 85 90.

    Heli Riviera is based in Cannes Mandelieu Airport and offer an international service to our clients. We realise the importance of personal customer service and aim to exceed your expectations, closely liaising with our clients and operators.

    Our aim is to offer an honest, reliable service, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Heli Riviera has developed a vast network of charter partners worldwide, allowing us to provide:

    - suitable and cost effective aircraft for the task.
    - a wide choice of aircraft to suit your preference.
    - multiple aircraft for group transfers.

  • Jet Options

    Helicopter & Jet Charter Service

    Telephone us for a quote on:
    +33(0)6 79 80 85 90

    Whether you need a co-ordinated jet, helicopter & yacht package for a summer vacation in the French Riviera, or a long-term business jet charter for corporate use, Heli Riviera can provide the solution.

    We work with quality-assured jet charter companies all over the world. As flight specialists we can handle every aspect of your jet charter, giving you and your guests or colleagues a seamless service. Simply give us required flight times and destinations and we’ll do the rest.

  • Helicopter Options

    helicopter options

    Telephone us for a quote on:
    +33(0)6 79 80 85 90

    We’re the world leader in co-ordinating helicopter operations with private jet, yacht and villa operations. From our offices at Cannes Mandelieu airport our experienced staff will manage every aspect of your helicopter charter, worldwide.

    We’ll be happy to advise you on the optimum helicopter for your charter requirements:

    - Low cost, light helicopter. Piston engine. Usually for 1 to 3 passengers. Typically used for scenic flights, filming and transfers.

    - Medium cost, executive helicopters. Single or twin jet turbine engine. Usually for up to 12 passengers. Typically used for corporate charters.

    - Luxury helicopters. Twin engine jet turbine engine. Luxury VIP finish inside.

  • Global Helicopter Charters

    helicopter activities

    Telephone us for a quote on:
    +33(0)6 79 80 85 90

    Heli Riviera specialises in chartered helicopter flights worldwide. Helicopters are versatile machines that can fulfil a number of roles, such as:

    - Corporate Helicopter Charter
    - Scenic Flight Charter
    - Aerial Photography Helicopter Charter
    - Aerial Filming
    - Ambulance
    - Aerial Crane work
    - Corporate Helicopter Transfers
    - VIP Helicopter Transfers
    - Charter Services

    Helicopters also vary greatly in terms of performance, comfort and cost, and we are here to provide the right helicopter for the job.

  • Charter Quotes

    charter quotes

    Telephone us for a quote on:
    +33(0)6 79 80 85 90

    For further information regarding aircraft selection or helicopter / Jet flights in general, please fill out the form or call us today on +33(0)6 79 80 85 90 and one of our 24 hrs Charter Specialists will be glad to assist you with any questions.

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