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37 Yachts and Powerboats going under the hammer at The Prestige Yacht Auction.

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The Prestige Yacht Auction is taking place on the 20th April at the Antibes Yacht show. It will be broadcast live to the Star Deck lounge of Monaco’s famous Stars and Bars to allow a second venue for people wanting a more secluded or family-friendly environment to bid via a phone operator.

With low reserve prices this is a great opportunity to pick up a bargain, be it a tender or super-yacht. You can get involved in this innovative approach to yacht sales and kick off this 2013 Summer season in style.

According to, one of the most exciting lots is the super yacht Margaret Ann, built by Pendennis in the South West of England.

Tim Morley, founder of the new yacht auction commented, “Margaret Ann is a star of the first Prestige Yacht Auction. We are very pleased that the owner has decided to bring her all the way from Palma to exhibit her in front of the VIP tent at the Antibes Yacht Show, where the auction is taking place. People will be able to view the yacht up to the last minute before the auction, and if their bid is successful they can toast their success on the aft deck as soon as the ink is dry on the contract.”

Visit the auction website to view some of the fantastic opportunities being offered for sale.

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