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Helicopter Crash Rescue Kit.

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We all work hard to make sure that accidents don’t happen. But in the unlikely event of a helicopter accident, being prepared for the first few minutes after an incident can be a real life saver.

HeliRiviera – the specialist in providing helicopter operations supports – has created a ready-made crash kit that is recommended for all helicopters.

Based on our extensive experience of helicopter operations, we have sourced the best safety and rescue items from a variety of companies and packaged them for easy stowing in the baggage compartment of a helicopter. The full content list of the kit  is shown below.

The HeliRiviera Rescue Kit is available exclusively from us. To place an order or to find out more, please email

HeliRiviera also organises safety courses for helicopter crew and passengers, plus specialist safety courses for superyachts with embarked helicopters. Please contact us for more information on our helicopter and superyacht training programs.


Contents of the Helicopter Rescue Kit.

- Fire resistant blanket
- Adjustable Wrench
- Large rescue axe
- Bolt cutters
- Hook
- Heavy duty hacksaw
- Side-cutting pliers
- Assorted screwdrivers
- Harness knife
- Life line
- Crow Bar
- Rescue Strop
- Roll bag

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