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Helicopter & Jet Charters and Permits for the FIFA Brazil World Cup.

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Brazilian landing permits and domestic overflight permits arranged for private and chartered jets and helicopters.

Private and charter helicopter and executive jet operations will be a popular way for people to move around Brasil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

A dozen stadiums are being used throughout Brazil and the distance from Manaus in the north east of the country to Porto Alegre in the south west is over 4,500 Km.

Brazil’s internal airline services are sure to be fully booked during the games, so many corporate and private visitors will choose to bring their own executive aircraft, or charter a jet or helicopter for their visit.

HeliRiviera can help people to organize aircraft charters and to arrange Brazilian landing permits and domestic overflight permits. We have worked with the owners of private aircraft and superyachts worldwide to organise the relevant permits.

But time is running out and the Brazilian authorities are predicting delays in granting permits. We advise people planning to fly to or around Brasil to contact us as soon as possible.


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