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Monaco Yacht Show Helicopter Safety Equipment.

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HeliRiviera Rescue Kit

HeliRiviera has a range of safety accessories and tools for superyachts with embarked helicopters.

Maria Kenny, HeliRiviera’s Operations Manager, says the most popular item in the helicopter safety accessory shop is the Crash Rescue Kit.

Maria describes it as: “An easy-to-carry, easy-to-store bag containing a number of essential items in case of an emergency. It includes 12 important items that are safely secured in a waterproof roll up bag. It’s vital for any heli-yacht operation.”

Other items in the shop include:

- Helicopter ladder. Also useful for maintenance and cleaning.
- Radio equipment. Helicopter to yacht communications.
- Trauma kit. First aid, including neck brace.
- Ground power unit. Power pack.
- Fire resistant clothing. For helideck crew.

For more information please visit the shop web page:

For more information about helicopter safety equipment at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014, please contact:
Maria Kenny
Operations Manager


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