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Helicopter Training on M/Y Global. Superyacht Owner magazine article.

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Captain Malcolm Jacotine of M/Y Global was recently interviewed by Superyacht Owner about helideck training.

HeliRiviera has been responsible for the helicopter training on board M/Y Global.

As Captain Jacotine says in the Superyacht Owner article: ““Prior to the start of our helicopter operations, the crew received MCA approved Helicopter Landing Officer [HLO] and Helideck Deck Assistant [HDA] training which took place on M/Y Global.” Captain Jacotine continues: “Conducting the training on board had a number of benefits: a good number of crew were trained without the disruption of manning; all the crew were exposed in one way or another to helicopter operations; and the training could be tailored to our set up and equipment.”

Superyacht Owner have kindly given us permission to reproduce their article on superyacht helicopter helipad operations.

Please click the link below the full Superyacht Owner article.

Superyacht Owner helicopter article

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