• Heli-Yacht Support Services

    Whether you need all-year-round global support or just short-term assistance for chartered helicopter operations, HeliRiviera has flexible support packages which will give you great value for money.

    HeliRiveria offers contracts of different lengths. Either a monthly, 6 month or yearly contract can be entered into depending on your cruising support needs.

    To support a global sailing program, we can conduct research into cruising areas that the vessel is due to visit and develop an air programme to run in parallel with the yacht’s cruising programme. This will involve basic transfer logistics between airports and the vessel, together with flights that allow local sightseeing and visits to places of interest. Your pilots will be provided with the necessary contacts and heli-landing sheets for your cruising areas.

    We can deal with permits, flight permissions and arrangement of charters in a region that may be visited by the yacht in the future.

  • Permits Management

    With the South coast of France and areas of the French Caribbean remaining two of the most popular cruising destinations, we have become specialists in assisting yachts through the annual application process for permits to fly in these areas.

    Operating helicopters globally, as is the case with most yacht-based helicopters, involves understanding differing regulations depending on the region. One particular challenge for the pilots is organising the required permits to fly from off-airport sites, which include yachts within territorial waters.
    Facts about the permits;

    - French Mediterranean & French Caribbean are our most requested yacht permits
    - The process to obtain a permit takes approximately 8 weeks
    - We would require Helicopter, Pilot & Yacht documentation to process the application
    - To land on off-airport sites in certain countries pilots must be in possession of a pilot ‘helisurface’ permit, this permit is valid for 10 years.

  • Training & Equipment

    With our range of training programs, vessels can ensure that deck crew and flight crew have access to a wide range of training programs.

    Shore-based courses

    - Helideck firefighting and the underwater escape ‘dunker’ training
    - Helicopter Operations for the Luxury Yachting industry
    - EHTM, CAA Radio License, HDA & HLO courses

    Onboard Training program

    - Our trainer joins the yacht and uses the facilities onboard that will actually be used by the helideck team during the performance of their duties
    - Pre-requisite : we insist candidates have completed STCW 95 Basic Training
    - The course can be delivered in 2-3 days
    - During the training we cover general precautions, standard & emergency procedures, plus helicopter loading and passenger movement topics
    - Helideck Procedures Manual for your yacht is included

    We can also provide you with a full flight Safety Audit.
    Our latest training innovation is E-training to offer online familiarisation of the Heli Yacht environment. This allows new crew to be educated and established crew to be reminded of the processes and procedures. The overall focus is maintaining safety.

    To find out more please download our PDF

  • Maintenance & Hangarage

    Our facilities at Cannes are ideal for owners who use the French Riviera as their base, or who like to leave a helicopter in France for when they visit the area.

    HeliRiviera and MBH Technik have joined forces to offer a JAR145 certified maintenance package at Cannes Airport.

    We offer secure hangarage next to our Cannes Airport office. Pilots are welcome to use the office facilities while they wait for their aircraft to be repaired or checked.