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Heli Riviera Rescue Kit | Ladder | Radio Equipment | Trauma Kit | Ground Power Unit | Personal Protective Clothing

Heli Riviera Rescue Kit

An easy-to-carry, easy-to-store bag containing a number of essential items incase of an emergency. Comprising of 12 important items that are safely secured in a waterproof roll up bag. A must for any heli-yacht operation.


Multi height ladders that are easy to store and carry. Ideal for use onboard a yacht and for helicopter operations.

Radio Equipment

Recommended equipment includes;
Headset & adapter, Handheld VHF Radio, push to talk switch
and desk top charger and spare battery. For more information regarding products and prices, please contact us.

Trauma Kit

Basic emergency supplies that you require for your yacht. Containing over 20 items that
you may need in an emergency. Contact us for the list of items and a quote.

Ground Power Unit

This equipment is used to service the helicopter between flights. The equipment is involved in ground power operations, aircraft mobility and loading operations.

Personal Protective Clothing

The use of personal protective equipment is to reduce employees exposure to hazards. We recommend the following clothing is purchased for your onboard heli-yachts operations;
Fire Suit
Helmet / Flash hood