Caribbean helisurface permit application

Caribbean helisurface permit application
Helicopter flight - getting your permits

With the MED season almost over, no doubt your thoughts are turning to preparation for the Caribbean season again and apply for a helisurface permit application.

The Caribbean helisurface permit is valid for 1 full year from the day it is received. The permit takes approximately 2 months to obtain from receipt for the requested documentation. By applying now it will avoid the last minute stress of waiting for the permit, while the boat is due to arrive in the Caribbean!!

If you ever intend to visit France then you are also required to have a French Helisurfaces Permit. The permit is issued by the French Civil Aviation Authority.

The captain of the yacht (or the management company) must submit an application addressed to the relevant Maritime Prefecture. The Prefecture will issue a prefectoral order of authorization to use the helipad, within a months receipt of demand and after clearance from administrative and military authorities. The operating permit is valid from the issue date from January 1 to December 31 of the current year.

So the Mediterranean  permit expires at the end of December, so if you would like to renew for 2013 it would be a good idea to get your helisurface permit application in at the same time as the Caribbean Permit.

Pilots helipad certificate is issued by the Paris Police Prefecture for foreign pilots or by the Departmental Prefecture in accordance to each French pilot’s residence.

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