Complying with European CAMO Helicopter Regulations.

Complying with European CAMO Helicopter Regulations.

Flying helicopters in the EU – whether they are registered in the EU or not – is covered by a number of regulations. Specialist helicopter operations company Heli Riviera can manage the entire helicopter regulations process for you.

Since September 2009 all aircraft registered in the European community require a contract with an EASA Part M approved company to ensure the aircraft is kept within the appropriate controlled environment.

In addition, since 2012 there has been a requirement for all non-European registered helicopters (M, VP, N etc) to be checked by an approved CAMO T organisation when operating in Europe.

To keep on the right side of these helicopter regulations, you need to choose one of the three options mentioned below:

1. Find someone who can take care of all of your maintenance needs. For this you would require a maintenance centre that is Part 145 approved and has Sub Part G that will manage your airworthiness certification. This option means that the maintenance centre will arrange everything for you and leaves you with no control over the management of your maintenance.

2. You can contract with a Part M company (CAMO) to supervise the Sub Part G, allowing the owner to have a third party that will help him to find the best workshop. The workshop can be easily changed if the owner is not happy with the service received.

3. The owner can perform the maintenance themself and then arrange for an annual audit by an approved CAMO organisation.

Whichever option you opt for please keep in mind that the owner of the aircraft is above-all responsible for the airworthiness of their machine. You need to choose the best option that works for your operation.

The Heli Riviera CAMO Solution.

We can provide you with an EASA CAMO-approved organization based in Luxembourg that can support you with a worldwide service. Features include:

– Development and update of maintenance programs
– Development of Minimum Equipment Lists from MMELs
– Tech-Log (Flight Data) tracking and control
– AD and SB Tracking
– Creation of maintenance contracts
– Modification and repair management
– Set-in-motion and supervision of all necessary Work Orders
– Invoice verification
– Airworthiness reviews – inspection of documents and physical survey.

The minimum level of service consists of Flight Data tracking and control, AD and SB Tracking, and set-in-motion and supervision of all necessary Work Orders. The above mentioned services can be added to the minimum services.

Helicopter Maintenance Tracking on your iPad/iPhone.

Please contact us to find out more about following your maintenance on your iPad or iPhone. We have a new method of following your aircraft maintenance records. Called BLUE EYE, it has been developed to provide you with easy access to the live status of the aircraft while you are on the move via your iPhone or iPad.

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