Monaco Yacht Show Helicopter Safety Equipment.

Monaco Yacht Show Helicopter Safety Equipment.
Heliriviera - Helicopter Safety Equipment, crash rescue kit.

HeliRiviera has a range of safety equipment items and tools for superyachts with embarked helicopters.

Maria Kenny, HeliRiviera’s Operations Manager, says the most popular item in the helicopter safety equipment shop is the Crash Rescue Kit.

Further, Maria describes it as: “An easy-to-carry, easy-to-store bag containing a number of essential items in case of an emergency. It includes 12 important items that are safely secured in a waterproof roll up bag. It’s vital for any heli-yacht operation.”

Moreover in the shop you can find other items including:

Helicopter ladder. Also useful for maintenance and cleaning.
Radio equipment. Helicopter to yacht communications. Recommended equipment includes; Headset & adapter, Handheld VHF Radio, push to talk switch and desk top charger and spare battery.
Trauma kit. First aid, including neck brace. Basic emergency supplies that you require for your yacht. Containing over 20 items that you may need in an emergency.
Ground power unit. Power pack.
Fire resistant clothing. For helideck crew.

Yacht captains and villa managers come to us for specialist helicopter equipment. As a result we prepared the Helideck rescue kit, radio equipment, personal protective clothing and ground power units that will ensure you are always ready.

If there is an item you need which we do not stock, we can usually source it for you.

For more information please visit the shop web page:

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