Yacht captains and villa managers come to us for specialist helicopter equipment.
The Helideck rescue kit, radio equipment, personal protective clothing and ground power unit will ensure you are always ready.

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Helicopter Crash Rescue Kit

An easy-to-carry, easy-to-store bag containing a number of essential items incase of an emergency. Comprising of 12 important items that are safely secured in a waterproof roll up bag. A must for any heli-yacht operation.

 1 x Fire resistant blanket
 1 x Adjustable wrench 
   1 x Large rescue axe 
  1 x Bolt cutters   
1 x Heavy duty hacksaw 
     1 x Side cutting pliers 
  1 x Assorted screwdrivers 
     2 x Harness Knife 
1 x Life line 
  1 x Crow Bar
    1 x Rescue strop 

  1 x Roll bag


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