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Vessel Support Services

Whether you need all-year-round, global support or just short-term assistance for an operation, we're here.






global Heli-yachting assistance

Whether you need all-year-round, global support or just short-term assistance for an operation, HeliRiviera has flexible support packages which will give you great value for money.

Our contracts vary in length depending on your cruising support needs. Opt for a full Vessel Support & Training package or pick and choose from our services to match your needs. 

permits management

With the Mediterranean and the Caribbean remaining two of the most popular cruising destinations, we have become specialists in assisting yachts through the annual application process for permits to fly in these areas.

Operating helicopters globally, as is the case with most yacht-based helicopters, involves understanding differing regulations depending on the region.

One particular challenge for the pilots is organizing the required permits to fly from off-airport sites, which include yachts within territorial waters. We can help you with this. 


To support a global sailing program, we conduct research into cruising areas that the vessel is due to visit and develop an air programme to run in parallel with the yacht’s cruising programme.

This will involve basic transfer logistics between airports and the vessel, together with flights that allow local sightseeing and visits to places of interest. Your pilots will be provided with the necessary contacts and heli-landing sheets for your cruising areas.

We can deal with permits, flight permissions and arrangement of charters in a region that may be visited by the yacht in the future.


Safety is the number one priority for all helicopter owners and operators. Compliance with regard to both safety and quality are fundamental to this.

Our audit service offers the oversight of our clients’ systems and processes to optimise a safe operating environment. 

We can conduct a full flight safety audit, including your helideck, helicopter operations manuals and procedures, to ensure that you conduct a safe and efficient operation.  


We can create a bespoke operations manual and craft heli-yacht procedures that are tailor-made for your superyacht and your helicopter  operation.

Our years of experience working on and with a large variety of yachts means we are the company of choice to ensure you run a safe operation. 

Your yacht and helicopter are unique. The helicopter operations manual needs to reflect this whether you are operating on well trodden routes or in remote areas by night, using the helicopter to go to dinner, play golf or sling-loading a jet ski to a mountain lake. There is a protocol for each, your procedures need to reflect this.

training courses to ensure your safety

Yachts with helipads face a whole range of safety and operational challenges.

HeliRiviera courses have been fully audited and approved by the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and are Large Yacht Code 2 (LY2) compliant for both HLO’s and HDA’s allowing us to conduct the training aboard the owner’s yacht. Our training is subject to Lloyds ISO 9001 Quality Management association with Bluewater.

We also offer online refresher and introductory training courses.